Dear Woman


Are you telling me that the most valuable assets you have to offer is your figure, your big butt and curves? Your smile? Your fleeking eyebrows? Really? Are you for real? 

You have got to be kidding me! 

Do you even know? Are you even aware there is so much worth to you than that? 

Shift your view point and align it with that of your Master. Allow Him to redefine and show you who you are through His eyes. Find out His first intent for YOU. The preordained purpose your God had when He formed you and knit you together in your mothers’ womb.

You are not of the world,  never have been and it is for that same reason you will never fit into it. Audaciously stand out and quit seeking validation through the brand of clothes on your back, the fortune you paid for the weave on your head, the car you drive or the circles you keep.

Daddy’s princess, that is not all there is to you and though you have heard this many times before, be reminded of it again today that you darling, are of a royal status. Present yourself in a regal demeanour… 

For as long as you keep running from the palace your crown remains untouched, it waits for you, nobody else but you.

Rise up from the state where the expectations and pressures of society have placed you. You are royalty. You don’t belong because you were never supposed to belong there. Take up your position and with your head held high, steading the crown on your head and walk boldly towards your purpose.

You are much more than that!

Yours in inspiration,

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