Dear Men 🔊


Please normalise being hands-on fathers and being of assistance to your women as much as possible. So that when a man does this in the future, it doesn’t become a taboo cultural shock and something that is frowned upon. It takes nothing from your masculinity as a man to help a woman in her Nurturer and Helpmeet roles ❤️


We live in a society, in this day and age – in this very 2020 – where if a man is supportive to his female counterpart, he is considered weak or he is side-eyed as though he is doing something that completely goes against some sublime rule of the guy code 🙄

The roots of patriarchy in our society run deep and the onus is on us to uproot them gradually and with intent. I say this because it is still prevalent even amongst the present generation of men who think helping a woman is beyond them. They may not necessarily believe that the role and place of a woman is that of being pregnant and barefooted in the kitchen but in their very conduct, they still hold the same or similar ideas, just upgraded and more modernised versions of the same oppressive views that held women back in the past 😣


Such days are done for, we as the “woke” generation and men of a new era need to educate each other and constantly participate in making the lives of the women in their lives easier 💯


Help her with the kids, be present and active beyond providing the financial muscle. Clean the house without being asked. Take over from her and prepare decent meals too, every now and then. Anything to lighten the load and make her feel appreciated. Bearing in mind that you are not in any way doing her a favour. You’re merely being a responsible and hands-on man 🙌🏾

To the men who are responsibly present fathers & husbands – thank you. You are worthy of being celebrated and treated like the kings that you      are 👑


Yours in inspiration,
Nondumiso ✍🏾

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