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[spacer height=”20px”] Let’ start with defining the core. The core is your rectus abdominals, obliques, lattissimus dorsi and trapezius. To simplify this – the core is your stomach and back muscles.

OK now that we’ve gotten that out the way let’s talk about the importance of a strong core. Apart from looking hella sexy, a strong core helps with movement, balance, breathing especially for singers and performers and stability. Almost all exercise movements begin with the core. If you want to be able to do 20 strict pushups, you need a strong core, 20 strict squats = strong core, sit ups = strong core and so on and so on.

So let’s get into the workout :-  in order to have a strong core with a six pack, doing crunches and sit ups is not the way to go. Yes they help however doing only those exercises will not do you any justice. A strong and sexy core is a combination of good nutrition and agility, mobility and strength workouts which could include crunches or not. It is important to understand that crunches and sit ups alone will not give you the results you are looking for because your core is not just the rectus abdominals but your entire waist area. Therefore when looking for a core workout look for one that includes all your core muscles for the best results.

So here’s an easy core workout I like to do:-

Complete 5 rounds without breaking. If you feel too tired breathe for 5-10 seconds and carry on.

  1. 5 ft Lizard crawl
    1a) 5 ft Gorrilla crawl- 5 crawls=5pushups
    1b) Monkey skips

    NB/ alternate between the 3 exercises in point 1 for each round.

  2. 25 Calorie row
  3. Kettle bell swings(make sure you activate your core and swing with your legs & not your shoulders).
  4. 1 Min L sits or planks

Good luck and enjoy ‼️

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