Consistently Unabashed Expressions


This morning I had a random inspiration as it was impressed upon my heart to tell those closest to me that I love and appreciate them… and so I did…

I was never prepared for the shocking responses that met my declaration of love 😆 What puzzled me the most was their respective responses to my very basic: I LOVE YOU ❤️

Some responses were receptive of my gesture in its sincerity, but others were just very alarming, for lack of a suitable description. Things like:

  • “Yini, kwenzenjani?” (what’s wrong?)
  • “Is everything ok?”
  • “Why do you say that?”
  • “What’s going on?”

And then it dawned on me, that many of us have persons in our lives that we genuinely appreciate and who’s well being we care deeply about.  However, we hardly express these sentiments to them and when we do, it is not as often as we should. So much so that people become startled when they’re told that they’re loved. The calibre of a people that the society has shaped us into…

I am glad I did this exercise. As sincere as it was, it has also opened my eyes to the reality that, to most (if not all of us) it is not only an issue of receiving love but we are rarely shown love by our supposed loved ones that it becomes really odd when they do in fact express it.

We immediately think there must certainly be something wrong, either with us or the person expressing their love for us and it sends us generally into panic mode.
People have made this loving thing something to be suspect about. Its a rather odd culture that we have subconsciously adopted which is amis.

Even with my own siblings I have discovered, much as they do in-fact know that I love them and would do pretty much anything for their happiness, immediately when I express my feelings (which I’d presume are very much obvious) I am confronted by questions like “Ok sis, what do you want from me?”

Perhaps our general suspect response to love is also as a result of the nature of our upbringing. Some of us, as much as we knew and still do know, that our parents love us dearly, it is not something that was expressed constantly in the home. Hence we also adopted that notion of just assuming people know we love them and therefore there’s no need to tell them often. Wrong! One could never be told they’re loved frequently enough.

I’m generally a very affectionate and expressive persons, so it does not require much effort for me to randomly express love to those that matter the most to me. Unfortunately it is usually met with general suspicion and all sorts of hilarious responses.

My desire today is that we may learn not only to love those that matter to us, but also to equally express it as often as we possibly can.

Moreover, I have discovered that, often times we get so busy with life that we unintentionally and unconsciously neglect expressing our hearts’ contents to those that mean the most to us.

May this article simply inspire you to be intentional about expressing your love to the people in your life. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary or anything of that sort, today is as good and befitting a day as any.

I have also personally realised that simple words like “I LOVE  YOU”, as basic as they may be to one, they could envelop so much hope for the other. Sometimes that’s all a person needs to hear in order to propel them forward and keep going. There is so much power in those words that I believe they are somewhat underrated. Tell people you love them, be as random about it as you desire. Go on make their day.

“Owe no man anything except the debt of love.” – Romans 13:8

*This blog post was originally published on 14 May 2018 here on the insideWomen Blog

Yours in Inspiration

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5 Comments on “Consistently Unabashed Expressions

  1. What you’re saying is so true lady, I’m quite affectionate and I tell my close family & friends that I love them all the time – I have found that the more you do it, the more they get accustomed to it and express their love for you ❣️

  2. WOW 😀Sis Nondumiso, so much truth to what you’re saying. I believe this is especially true for us African people, whereby expressing ones feelings of affection is not considered normal but it’s up to us to change this notion.

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