Things not said: Connections over Qualifications (the black truth)

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It’s been 24 years since the beginning of democracy and I am proud to say we’ve come a long way and have accomplished quite a lot. Our country now is what our fore-fathers could only dream of. From black people being allowed to vote to them being in governmental power. I mean what more could we ask for?

Guess not much – or is there? Gone are the days when education was for a particular group or class of people, the days when career choices were limited to four choices for the black/africans. The days when we couldn’t sit in the same room as a white person or even go as far as calling a white person your friend. I mean “how dare you Mary ! That is your madam! ”  

We’ve really come a long way and that is great. It’s really amazing however I feel that the fight is still far from over. Whilst our country has achieved beyond expectations and proved to be a strong nation in fighting for our rights and freedom. It is not truly free. You see we might not be called out or have to show our id documents in order to get a job but we do pay a heavy price. We are told that if we go school and get educated our lives then we will have secured a good life for ourselves. A well paying job, and affordable lifestyle, a status and a happy life. Yet that seems to not be the case. We have people in positions that they aren’t qualified for and the qualified in low positions all in the name of experience for 5 years !

But wait . . . . isn’t is supposed to be 3 years?

We have people payed more just because they are popular and the qualified payed peanuts all in the name of experience. I guess it makes it easier to accept when it’s put in that manner but what they are actually saying is that you are still not good enough. What this is saying is that: “We still don’t see your value.” The fact that you have 5 degrees with cum laude makes no difference because you still have to come to us for work.

That’s something to this about, right? Penny for your thoughts 💰 go ahead and leave a comment below and let’s converse…

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