I remember my teenage years with a conviction in my heart. I remember the dreams I had for myself, for the powerful and inspirational woman I was going to grow into. I had my life mapped out, I had goals and I had plans and I was going to achieve them no matter what it took!

My dreams scared me, and still do, but I was going to give them my best shot nonetheless. I’d spend my days dreaming up a vision for my life, reading up on those who’ve successfully achieved their dreams, and understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I read and I wrote, the world wouldn’t know what had hit it by the time I was through with it! I built a solid foundation through self discovery, and had my goals as a blueprint and reference for building up my skyscraper dreams. I had all I needed to start laying the bricks, I was ready to go. Remember when you were much younger?…

All the dreams you had. Your imagination went wild and your possibilities were endless. Nothing could stand in your way. Your aspirations were bigger than life itself, the world was yours to have. You were to grow into a world changer, a pioneer, a leader. You were made for big things, and you knew it. You believed it… part of you still believes it. You and I have big dreams, don’t we? We’ve always had! You and I were born dreamers. We’re big dreamers, big on ideas.

Fast forward to this moment, and most of us have put our dreams on hold… some of us have even completely given up on them. Procrastination, failure and negativity got the better of us. Life threw a few curve balls and we succumbed under the pressure. We gave in to mediocrity and accepted the mundane life. We traded in our sense of adventure for security and routine. We know life is no fairytale, it is only unfair. We’re now employees, comfortable with our jobs and lives. We’re part of the crowd, watching an elite few do the extraordinary. Not only have we not changed the world like we planned to, but we’ve stopped believing we can.

“It’s not all doom and gloom,” we say. We do make a reasonable living after all, don’t we? And we do get to play the hero every once in a while… when life affords us the chance. But, do you remember when our pursuit was passion and not a pay check… I know, I get it. Passion doesn’t pay the bills. Well, neither does a paid bill nourish the soul.

So what do we do now? Do we carry on living in our comfort zones and accept our current reality? Or do we muster up the courage to pursue our shelved dreams? Now that we know the sting of failure, do we still get up and dust ourselves off and keep running our race? Now that we know it’ll take diligence and perseverance, now that we know that dreams require us to wake up and chase them in order for them to materialise, now that we know it might take us a lifetime of hard work and discomfort… do we still pursue our dreams?

Do we now awaken the fragile little dreamer within, knowing we might fail again and again? Yes. Yes we do. Yes, again and again!

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2 Comments on “Dreams

  1. Such truth @BlackSacredSam!! I find it almost ridiculous just how our hearts change on us as we grow older, to a point where we have to be reminded to believe we can achieve our own dreams!! Thank you for the reminder ??

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