BTS: South African Fashion Institute

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These past couple of weeks have been particularly exciting and inspiring for me! My creativity has been stretched and moved into places of practice and growth. As I have already mentioned in my social media updates I have had the absolute pleasure and privilege of doing some work as the in-house graphic designer and social media strategist for the South African Fashion Institute (SAFI).

SAFI is an advocacy agency for the growth and development of the clothing, textiles and design sector in South Africa. This institute was founded by Palesa Kwitshana who is a lover of all things creative, mother and a social entrepreneur. She has work experience that spans from ad agencies, media both print & radio; local government, financial services and later fashion development agency, which she found best for her career path and passion. SAFI is the culmination of Ms Kwitshana’s career path, academic credentials, networks and passion.

I am having so much fun, and am learning so much about brand development, its communication and matters around fashion business building. I am truly thankful 👌🏾

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