Book Review: The Dip

[spacer height=”20px”] If you ever need to make an important decision about your life, I suggest you pick up this little gem of a book. Seth Godin helps one suss out whether any venture that seems appealing is worth it. Cut out the riff raff, don’t settle for average – be number one or quit.

He abolishes the “don’t give up” myth and actually gets real with the reader about quitting. In fact, he prescribes “quitting fast and quitting often”. What’s with the quitting? Well, quitting the average and mundane things that do not add value to your life. Quit those pursuits that will not be worthwhile for you.

And how will you know which pursuits will be worth the push, the hard work, the elbow grease? When should you pull up your socks and lean into “the dip”? Well, that’s why you need to read the book!

Godin poses questions you should ask yourself when determining whether any venture, opportunity or career move could be a time waster, or if you are on the brink of being the best in the world.

There are so many quotes or excerpts I’d love to share, but that would just take away from the experience of discovering this amazingly simple, yet  enlightening tool. Do have a read, and if you have read this book do tell us what your best lesson was from it. Go ahead and leave a comment below.

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