Book Review: ‘My Journey To Robben Island’ by Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo


I wasn’t aware of how clueless I was about South Africa’s liberation struggle, and exactly what the Umkhonto Wesizwe actually is/was…

Reading this book has proved to be such an eye-opening experience, it has made me aware and sensitive to the sacrifice that was made by many anti-apartheid South Africans, right until our liberation in 1994.

Truth be told: when it was voting time, earlier this year, I wasn’t too confident about who was getting my vote – but I see that this was caused by a lack of knowledge.

I am a born-almost-free (my birth year is 1993) and I had never had a hardcore apartheid experience, I was surviving on movies (like Sarafina ✊🏾) and stories from my elders. This story though is definitely from a different perspective than the usual: “The white man did this, and that…” It is more like: “This is how apartheid affected my family and I, and this is how I chose to become a part of the solution…”

The lessons I have picked up from reading this book are around the importance of knowing more about politics, standing for your beliefs (which I’ve previously written about HERE), patience, consistency and perseverance.

I rate this book as a #MustRead and I do recommend that you read it, especially if you’re seeking any sort of inspiration and are wanting to spark an interest in South African politics πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

I would like to send a special shout-out (S/O) to Dr. Sibongiseni Dhlomo: very well done baba, and your book is inspiring and has left me in awe of the calibre of human/leader/father/husband you are. My father is truly blessed to have a friend like you ❣️

Yours in inspiration,

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