Book Review: Essentialism

If you have read more than one self help book, you will know that the genre gets repetitive really quick!


You will also know that it takes “kissing a few repetitive frogs to find a prince“. A prince is essentially what I found in this book…

Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less

By Mark Mckeown

My first reaction when I saw the title was, Oh no… miss me with that pursuit of less stuff because listen… your girl likes things!


I was convinced that this concept of “essentialism” was closely related to Minimalism, and I wasn’t having any of it. I just had to find a way to let my friend (who recommended the book) down easy. But then I got bored and figured it wouldn’t kill me to skim over a few pages.


Lo and behold, Sam finds a gold mine!

The essence of it all

If you didn’t get the pun in the subheading above, we can never be friends. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to enjoy reading the book yourself, but here’s a fun spoiler: you don’t have to give up the things you love to pursue essentialism. Yay 🥳


Essentialism is about cutting out the unnecessary from our lives and to allow for maximum efficiency in doing what we are truly good at, and what we truly want to do with our time. It is about doing less to get more done. As idealistic as that sounds, the book argues that it can be harder to say no than yes.


We are a society that glorifies overextending ourselves and running on fumes. We know it is unhealthy but we have romanticised it so much that it has become the norm. This book is a breath of fresh air, as it challenges this toxic behaviour by providing us with tools to pursue less but better.

Who should read?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, career woman or stay at home mother, this book would make an excellent read.


It doesn’t just explore essentialism in the workplace, but in the home as well. It calls us to ask ourselves what our purpose is in all that we do, and to pursue that with a focus that shuns everything that hinders us from fulfilling it.

My take away...

The lesson I learned is: I don’t have to know it all and I don’t have to do it all.


As an entrepreneur, you get used to running every part of your business by yourself… because you have to when you are starting out 🤷🏾‍♀️ I learned that being a good entrepreneur or leader means knowing how and when to delegate tasks to more capable team members.


It just makes sense to focus your energy on what you are good at, and to allow others to do what they are good at too. Everybody wins!


I learned to cut out the nonessential in defining the vision and mission for my business. As a result, my business profile is now one concise page!

Now I know you have questions, so get a copy and receive the answers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Yours in inspiration,
SammyVundla 🤓 

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