Book review: Becoming Michelle Obama


If you’ve ever been curious about who Michelle Obama is – not in her capacity or her role as the first lady of the USA, or the wife of Barack  – I strongly recommend you pick up this book.

The book is a candid and well-written story of her upbringing and childhood in the ghetto of the south-side office Chicago, her determined and hardworking nature that saw her (along with her brother) become the first Ivy-league graduates in her family.

What was endearing for me about this book is that Michelle’s story is very familiar – a black girl who is bright and talented enough that she uses all that her parents can give to make the most out of her means. She breaks the norm by attending private school, then pushes through white male dominated university classes to earn her place at the table – on track to making partner at a traditional white male law firm. Well, that is until she meets Barack Obama.

What I love even more about Michelle’s story is that she did not purport to be different or special. She did her utmost to balance a fulfilling career with her husband’s political ambitions, whilst raising children, but is also very honest about her struggles. She never wanted to be the typical politician’s wife who drops her career and moves to Washington, even when Barack was elected Senator.

But alas, Barrack’s star was on the rise and she eventually succumbs to putting her efforts into helping him achieve his dream – which he does.

I must say I was much more enthralled reading about Michelle as a person rather than the first lady. But if you are interested on seeing the flip-side of Obama’s time in office – she gives a very earnest account about life in the white White House (the inside story).

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