Being a Woman In The Workplace – 3 tips closer to ‘woke-ness’

[spacer height=”20px”] The past year of my professional career has involved an extensive amount of soul searching. I have purposefully sought to understand better what meaningful work really means for me and what I want out of my work life. After spending almost seven years in the corporate jungle, I found it important to decipher why I do what I do and not just jump from opportunity to opportunity (or rather just drifting wherever the organisation needs me to).

In my quest to find my best “career-self”, I’ve stumbled upon a few things that I wish someone would have told me:
  1. Imposter syndrome is real – a lot of us feel unworthy or out of our depth when we get promoted or step into a new position. This feeling, I’ve read, is far more prevalent in females than our male counterparts. Perhaps it’s because women were historically not expected to excel in the workplace or we are now entering industries that were deemed “male dominated”. First off, I want you to know that your feelings are real and valid, secondly, I want to implore you to stop that nonsense right now. You are where you are because its where God meant for you to be. Excel in that space and move on to greater heights. It is difficult, but it will be worth it.
  2. You probably earn less than your male counterparts –  I don’t know why we are still fighting gender inequality in 2018 but hey, it is what it is. Therefore, always always always negotiate, but be very sensitive and smart about how you go about it. Never come across as “only in it for the money.” 
  3. Corporations weren’t made for introverts – it is a grossly uneven playing field for those of us who prefer to keep to ourselves. Therefore you need to learn techniques to make your presence, opinions and work known to your colleagues. No matter how hard you work, no one will notice you unless you speak up and speak smart.

These are my nuggets of knowledge from my soul searching in the last year. Let’s see what the next chapter brings…
All the best in your endeavors,

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