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[spacer height=”20px”] So a girl is turning 25 this year! Yay! I feel old and mature just saying the number 25 ๐Ÿ˜‚ Maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age, however. That being said, here are five lessons I’m glad I learned before I turned 25…

1. Find You
The journey to self discovery is the most important you will ever take, and one that has no end. I am old enough to know now that there is no constant self, thank goodness! We all change, grow and evolve based on our experiences. Knowing oneself is important for many reasons really. One important reason being that it is almost impossible to be swept to and fro by the opinions of others when you know and value who you truly are.

In a world driven by the belief that we are not enough, that we need to change ourselves to be accepted, that we need material things to fulfill us, staying true to oneself is a powerful and necessary form of freedom and rebellion. That alone makes self discovery a journey worth embarking on. You are simply grounded, firmly rooted and stable when you know and love yourself.

2. Learn to laugh at yourself
This is important. You are not perfect (shocking), and you will make mistakes more often than you would like. Life will humble you through a series of embarrassing moments throughout your life. You won’t always feel beautiful and smart. All this is okay! Don’t be too hard on yourself, laugh and live a little.

Falling flat on your face while your crush walks over you as if you were invisible is not the end of the world (that actually happened๐Ÿคญ)… Neither is running with no umbrella during heavy rain to catch the bus, only for the sun and rainbow to come out as soon as you find shelter (that happened too). Point is, you will go through life embarrassed and miserable if you do not learn to laugh at yourself.

3. Read
Self education will take you places schooling never could. There are many topics that will interest you outside of those that are part of your syllabus. There are also topics barely covered in schools that are necessary for survival, financial literacy for example. Pick up a book and read, make a habit of it. There is a wealth of knowledge out there just waiting for you.

4. Take responsibility
The world owes you nothing, get used to it. Where we get the idea that life’s journey is supposed to be easy and simple, I don’t know. Life is just complicated sometimes, and not every moment is filled with happiness and peace… it gets really ugly, for all of us.

While it is only natural to cry out and complain about how unfair life is, it is useless to go through life sitting on the sidelines shifting blame for how your life isn’t turning out. Life simply isn’t fair, this world isn’t fair. However, that is no reason to give up on your dreams and purpose. What matters more than what life throws at you, is your attitude towards it all.

On your journey you might meet those who are more privileged than you are, those who are better connected than you are, those who have more resources than you do… so you might have to study harder, put in more work and go the extra mile to catch up. The onus in on you to take responsibility and give your aspirations all you’ve got, regardless of the hurdles and setbacks. Truth remains, you are solely responsible for how your life turns out.

5. Failure leads to success
We all grow up so afraid of failing, so ashamed of it. From childhood we are cautioned to never fail, to succeed every time we try something new, whether it is a test or just a game. We are told to apply ourselves fully, to give our best so we never fail. Failure is this unbearable shame we ought to avoid at all costs.

The real shame, however, is that we grow up believing that lie, only realizing later in life that failure paves the way for success. I cannot think of a single successful icon who didn’t have to deal with multiple failures before succeeding.

Failure is how great inventions are made, trial and error – over and over again! Failure is part of the process, helping one improve on great ideas by teaching one what not to do to in order to reach a desired outcome. We simply cannot escape it if we want to accomplish great things, success lies on the other side of failure. The sooner we learn to change our perspective on failure, the closer we will be to reaching our dreams.

What lessons are you grateful for? Do share – go ahead and drop a comment below to join the #Conversation

Yours in โœ๐Ÿพ,

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    1. 25 yay!! One of the lessons I have learnt and grateful for is that God will never take you to the next step of your life until you’re ready for it, so if you want something more and better in your life, work hard and show him you’re competent in your current level, don’t just pray and believe He will work it out for you. By the way woman, your work is amazing! Keep It Up!!

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