Be The Friend You Desire To Have


So very often we intentionally and unintentionally desire friendships that last and with persons who will be loyal to us no matter what. Don’t we all need that friend whom you know without a shadow of doubt that they would always have your back?

The certainty of knowing you can totally and completely depend on an individual with your life and they would never betray you.

It is ever so refreshing to have such a person or people in your life with whom you know would jump hurdles and cross-crocodile infested rivers for you, if push ever came to shove.

The dependable, reliable and trustworthy friend is always an envy.

What  would happen then if we became the friends that we so greatly desire? 

What would we stand to loose if we modelled the kind of friendships we desire to be part of by firstly being those very people?

If we all made a decision to be that reliable go-to friend for all our friends. 

The secrets keeper and confidant, the friend whose digits you dial without giving a second thought because you know that they will definitely come through for you.

I mean we exert so much  pressure and expectation onto others and yet we wouldn’t even meet our own standards given the chance. Hypocritical much?!

Before you can expect anybody to be that loyal friend to you, how about you begin to model the kind of friend that you want first?!

Yours in Inspiration

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