Bassie: My Journey of Hope


In this biography, Basetsana Kumalo, former Miss South Africa turned business mogul tells it all from her own perspective…

After decades of being in the public eye, Bassie documents her story in her own words after years of media scrutiny. The book is a testament of her life, purposefully penned for her children and generations to come 📖


Her story is both familiar and charmed all in one. From growing up in the dusty streets of Soweto, to being Miss SA during the birth of democracy, traveling the world, becoming a media mogul and family woman – Bassie gives a firsthand account that the black child can be and do anything 💯


The book is written in a casual and colloquial style – no hyperbolic language. Just a girl telling her story in her own words so that her children know who she is rather than piecing the chronicles from news articles and Google searches 👩🏾‍💻

Bassie’s story is insanely inspiring, yet familiar. She is honest about her struggles and her successes – both professionally and personally. She speaks about those who helped her along her path and how she pays it forward in order to give others hope 🕯


A heartwarming read and ode to Womandla ✊🏾


Yours in inspiration,
Mpumz ✍🏾

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