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[spacer height=”20px”] How often do you read a book and end up questioning the very meaning of life? I hope often. If not, get you a book by Paulo Coelho! Any book by Paulo Coelho really… he may be widely known for The Alchemist but there are many other titles that are just as shattering and moving, by the author.

I’m on a mission to read at least 15 Paulo Coelho books before the end of the year. The way it’s going… I’ll end up reading a lot more than that. Not that I’m complaining of course.

My journey started with The Alchemist, which I found relateable and deeply personal. I could relate to all the characters in some way, especially the main character.

I followed that with The Zahir, which was just as awakening. Just like the main character here I, too, am on a journey of discovery and purpose.

The third book on my list was titled Adultery… pretty self explanatory haha. The book delves much deeper into the subject however, going all the way into the soul of why we do the things we do. It leaves you questioning your own choices, self knowledge and happiness… I’ll leave you to find the rest out for yourself.

The Winner Stands Alone was chosen next. This novel juxtaposes the film industry’s glamour, fashion’s haute couture and the lifestyle of the Superclass in the world of business and politics, with multiple murders at the Cannes film festival. Talk about nail biting thrill from beginning to end!

I’m currently reading another interesting title by Paulo Coelho: Veronika Decides To Die. The title alone had me hooked! The fact that it opens with an attempt at suicide is so powerful and wild. I can’t put it down!

You can imagine how difficult it is not to give too much away, I’ve enjoyed every title so far. I’d be lying if I said I had a favourite, such a choice would be too difficult to make. All I know is that every title I’ve read has propelled me farther on own journey of self discovery and defining for myself what the meaning of life is.

I’m left in awe by the magnificent talent of the artist that is Paulo Coelho. The man is a truly brilliant wordsmith. He has a knack for writing flawless novels that are both entertaining and educational… and not educational in the sense of gathering useless information about a particular subject; but in gaining wisdom by asking ourselves the questions that matter.

You constantly have to pause and take in the weight of the sentence you’ve just read, because the sentence alone is so profound and deep. Many such sentences, or goldmines rather, are strategically hidden in the most casual of conversations between characters. It’s an admirable skill, an intelligent artform.

He forces us to look deep into the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable, to look ourselves in the eye and question our motives for love, our purpose and our dream. He asks us how well we know ourselves, how much we want what we want, and how far we are willing to go to reach our destiny or goal. He asks us how deeply we love.

I could go on and on, my only point being Paulo Coelho is a timeless author worth your attention. What has your experience been reading a Paulo Coelho book? Do you know of any other authors that you’d suggest? Let me know in the comment section below ⬇

Yours in literature,


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