Afro Talks Pyjama Party

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Imagine this: it’s a cool, laid-back evening in Durban. The stars and moon are out, and the scenery is perfect

I’ve just driven into the Cornubia Mall in Durban, right? I walked into the Gagasi FM studios and am welcomed with a glass of fine wine 🍷 Just as I close my eyes in enjoyment I am directed to a designated relaxation area – I’m now thinking: “Yo, this is the life!”

Guys, I then received a glorious shoulder massage – I was now definitely in heaven 👼🏽Can you imagine a more suitable way to spend your chilled Sunday evening? I can’t 🙌🏾

We were warmly welcomed by the lovely miss Mbhele, who then directed us to the diner table where we feasted like queens 👑 Like there was a whole chef present guys 👨🏾‍🍳 #Deliciousness

As if that wasn’t enough, we were serenaded by a local live band with some soothing sounds 🎶

After (Madea twang) dinter we moved into a palleted-picnic area, where we found our Hair Wealth packages neatly awaiting us. Miss Mbhele then unpackacked these with us, whilst giving a through explanation of each haircare item. She also explained what we needed to do in order to partake in the 30 day hair wealth challenge 👌🏾

This was a beautifully orchestrated night that not only provided a great night out, but it also served as an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded young women in Durban.

Truth be told I had such a wonderful night, and because pictures speak louder than words – here goes…

Yours in All Things Fun,


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2 Comments on “Afro Talks Pyjama Party

  1. When young women get into a space of supporting each other, nothing but joy, laughter and an experience worth having. Sounds like this was one of those 😊

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