About Us


About Us

The insideWomen Blog is a #SouthAfricanBlog based in Durban, with an all women content team. It was founded in early 2017 and made possible by Up_phelele (Pty) Ltd. A group of #LadyBloggers were approached and together they have managed to bring about a smooth transition from Inside Aphsie to insideWomen.co.za.

The insideWomen Blog provides women with a platform to communicate, to express themselves and to fellowship with each other. This blog publishes articles on a wide range of topics, these include health, beauty, inspiration and career.


We also offer an opportunity to other ladies who love sharing their stories through written word, we refer to these Women as our #VisitingBlogger, you are warmly welcome to share your story.

As a matter of fact, please receive our heartfelt invitation 🌹