A Thirst for Embrace

[spacer height=”20px”] I thirst for embrace.
The embrace only self can give self.
The vastness of my distant mountains
silences me…
I am still.
Hushhhed… hushhhed…
by the evening breeze
cooling my fiery wound,
that wound that
unforgivingly ached and ached and ached.
This gentle wind whispers
songs to me:
“Peace at last, peace at last!”
my wind sings to me softly.
Look at my skies.
My bold skies…
these still images
hanging from my heavens.
in a thousand shades
of orange and blue serenity.
My clouds, my genius brush strokes…
Painted so beautifully.
Painted so lovingly.
over uninspired tired memories.
Painted like a warm embrace.
Painted to heal me.
These colours calm me.
I am hushhhed…
I hear lullabies
sung by shining stars,
trying to outshine this shy blue moon.
“Peace at last. Free at last.”
sings the shy moon
as it dances
on the face of hurrying rivers
that lead me to my homeland.

These rushing rivers
that lead me home.
Home at last…
I am home within myself,
home at last.


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