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This was an interesting topic to write about, I had chosen “Special Day” in our monthly hat pick of topics. I’m sure this meant writing about an interesting event or outing, but why not shake things up? The following is an excerpt from a novel I’m writing…

Hope you enjoy it!

“This place is stuffy, need some air…” she said, to herself, as she walked towards the bathroom window. It had been such a long day that day, that long bath seemed to be so heavenly – so calming and so soothing. The warm relaxation was worth the wait. Her tranquility was suddenly disturbed by a passing image on her mirror. She froze instantly,

“Oh, it’s just lil’ o’ me” she said in amusement as she realised that she was startled by her own reflection. She stood still before the mirror, naked… bare.

Here she was, all by herself again. Silence always brought to surface her deepest hurts – those struggles that kept reminding her just how lonesome this world could be. Her mind was suddenly flooded with memories, horrific memories of a life she’d much rather forget.

She smiled at the tears rolling down her cheeks, tears that seemed relentless no matter how hard she fought to hold them back and keep her composure. A soft giggle cracked through her quiet sobs; “you’re something else, you know that?” she said, as if she were speaking to someone other than herself. “…something they can never kill or silence, a warrior and a fighter. You’re a conquerer, so beautiful… so beautiful to me”.

She had not looked at herself in such a long time, not for such a long time anyway. Here she was, all by herself again; amazed at her own strength and resilience. She smiled as she wiped the drying tears on her face, proud of the woman she had become.

*This blog post was first published on 5 April 2017

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