A Competitive Spirit

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[spacer height=”20px”] We spend so much time looking at the greener garden of our neighbours that we forsake to water out own. Granted, we are not all where we had envisioned that we will be at this very point of our lives. Fine – things haven’t exactly worked according to our plan and we are nowhere near where we wanted to be, but thank God we are not where we used to be.

In life we have to learn to appreciate every progress we are making, as insignificant and minor as it may seem sometimes but we must appreciate that we are moving forward. Half a step is better than none.

Many of us waste ample time making comparisons and secretly wishing and being envious of the lives of others that we don’t really take time to appreciate our own progress and milestones reached in our own backyard.

It is rather unfortunate that the social media age we live in has fooled us into living a life of competition and always seeking to prove that out lives are so much better and more progressive and that we have made it in life.

However, not all of that life displayed on social media is a real representation of people’s lives. Unfortunately some of us use that filtered life as a yardstick to measure our own progress and as a measure of our success.

That spirit takes away from you in a sense that you tend to focus so much time and energy on the things that are going well for others that you forsake the small victories that you should be celebrating in your own.

My desire for writing to you today is so that it may be brought to our awareness that your life is going well according to the plan and purpose of God for your life. Never ever seek to intentionally or unintentionally compete with the life of another. You have no business with their progress but every business with your own.

Let’s quit allowing the success of others to put pressure on us and make us feel like somewhat underachievers. You know the saying: “Own Lane. Own Pace. Own grace.”

Don’t ever put unnecessary pressure on yourself to compete with a standard that doesn’t even exist. There is a standard for your own life and your daily efforts should be directed towards becomingĀ  a better version of yourself not at being better than anybody else.

Inspirationally Yours,
Nondumiso Kubheka


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3 Comments on “A Competitive Spirit

  1. Wow…
    “Own Lane, Own Pace, Own Grace”

    You know Nondu people died before they live and this has bothered me a lot to the point that I even worried that I might be the victim of the same issue as well “worried about people and their lives” the way they live comparatively and forgetting to live their own ones…. boom so and so has passed on, but we knew him/her as the version of someone abroad or late as well even alive maybe on mediašŸ¤”

    My upcoming “something” we be tittled
    Live the prints Yet ‘they die before they live’

    Inspired Sweetheart

  2. This is truly true, we tend to forget our own vision that we have to beautifully nurture with passion not realising that such poisoning of abandonment on our vision kills the roots of our existence through the vision.

    If only we can understand that everyone has their own different Dna therefore non of my Dna performance can make even a little sense to anyone other than me and so my production can only help in challenging not competing coz through being challenged growth sees it’s opportunity to have wings and fly with you under its wings and to be exposed in the functionality of wisdom.

  3. Just like the uniqueness of our fingerprints, that’s how our life is supposed to be. This copy and paste kind of life is not what God intended for His people. Water your own garden and quit enviing your neighbours otherwise you will never find your true purpose in life. Thank you NondumisošŸ‘Œ

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