A Call To Faith


We are conditioned to believe that the physical is what is real, that we have to see things to believe they exist. We are taught that we are born of human will and effort, that we live and die. Anything that happens before birth or after death is too “supernatural” to fully comprehend and accept.


With so many views and theories, it is no wonder why so many people spend their days working hard, only to dread their existence, believing there is no hope for a better life. When life has dealt you a hard hand, it becomes difficult to see yourself winning. It takes some unlearning and relearning to tune our minds to the frequency of faith, especially in a world where our physical reality can prove to be so depressing…

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen" 
The Bible
Hebrews 11:1

Simply put, with faith “believing is seeing” (as compared to the world’s “seeing is believing” view).


Faith calls us to live spiritually, believing that we are more than just meat bags floating on a rock in space. Matter of fact, even science says we are more than our bodies. We are made up of cells, that are made up of atoms, that are made up of energy. Science says all is energy. So whether you are a self proclaimed realist or ultra spiritual, the evidence is undeniable… there is more to life than what meets the eye.


Perhaps it is time we all lived our lives with this understanding in mind. Faith is powerful stuff! The things we believe have the power to shape our future. Let us then put faith to the test and see what comes of it. Let us be intentional with our thoughts, only allowing ourselves to think the things we want to see manifest in our lives. Let us be bold and ask God for what we truly want… perhaps for the first time in our lives, believing in our hearts that He is able and willing to make our wildest dreams a reality! What have we got to lose?


Yours in inspiration,
SammyVundla 🌹

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